Gardening Without Work - Ruth Stout

Gardening Without Work

By Ruth Stout

  • Release Date: 2014-02-05
  • Genre: Jardinage


The reason many people hesitate to have a garden is twofold: the time involved and the physical effort. Ruth Stout has solved the double problem by her celebrated method of mulching. She tells all about it in this book — along with a hundred other labor saving practices.

Plowing, hoeing, cultivating, weeding, watering, spraying and fertilizing have all been done away with under the Stout system. On the positive side, there are but four steps to be taken in order to supply your family with fresh, quality vegetables and fruits. These are: mulching, planting, thinning and harvesting.

How all of this is accomplished in a few minutes a day is explained in this witty, entertaining and practical how-to-do-it by a woman who became America's number one gardener.

Ruth Stout, sister of mystery writer Rex Stout, was born in Kansas, but lived most of her life in Connecticut. So widely did her reputation spread, that she was constantly in demand as a speaker before garden clubs and as a contributor to gardening magazines, and people flocked to her home from as far away as Texas and California to observe her method at first hand.